ReproLabels Set for Matchbox Vehicle Team Voltron (Voltron I) / Popy Dairugger DX (GB-72)

Here are the application guide images for ReproLabels’ decal set for Matchbox Vehicle Team Voltron (Voltron I) and Popy Dairugger DX (GB-72). The label set was released today!

The label set can be purchased from this page:

To give some background… Popy Dairugger DX, also known as GB-72, came with labels for all 15 vehicles. These labels were not sold with Matchbox Vehicle Team Voltron / Voltron I — probably because the Dairugger-themed text decals would have been confusing to kids who knew only of Voltron.

I created these labels myself, based on digital scans of unapplied Popy Dairugger DX decal sheets, using Adobe Illustrator. Because I wasn’t able to find a matching typeface for the text decals, I had to “trace” each letter to match the original typeface as closely as possible.

In addition to recreating the Dairugger decals, I made additional decals so fans could “upgrade” their Matchbox Vehicle Voltron toys. Each Dairugger-themed text decal has a Voltron-themed counterpart. As an added bonus, the Voltron-themed decals include the name of each vehicle’s pilot.

Note: My understanding is that the labels will be printed on the same easily removed, clear vinyl medium that was used for the test sheets that I used. From my experience the labels can be removed without damage to your vintage toy. (The labels themselves don’t survive being peeled off of the toy.)

This was my first experience making custom decals. I hope Voltron and Dairugger enthusiasts enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them!