Star Wars

1980s Toys That I Wish Had Been Made

Although I’m a seasoned adult, I still love toys. No trip to a retail store is complete without a stroll through its toy department. I also look back on some of the toys of my childhood with great fondness. Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Masters of the Universe, Blackstar, Voltron and Transformers were among my favorite […]

Build Your Own Sci-Fi Playsets!

Here are some fun links to help imaginative children of all ages to build their own science-fiction playsets. Outer-Space Station (from Woman’s Day magazine, 1978) Hoth and Dagobah Playsets from The Empire Strikes Back (from Woman’s Day magazine, 1980) Build Your Own Space Station Playset! (eBook — costs $4.99)

Reproduction Cardboard Panels for Star Wars Death Star Toys

In the late 1970s, two STAR WARS action figure-oriented Death Star playsets were sold. In the United States, Kenner’s Death Star Space Station was a four-story structure that resembled, from one side, a gun tower near the famous trench from the film. At the other end was a tall cylinder that doubled as both an […]