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1980s Toys That I Wish Had Been Made

Although I’m a seasoned adult, I still love toys. No trip to a retail store is complete without a stroll through its toy department. I also look back on some of the toys of my childhood with great fondness. Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Masters of the Universe, Blackstar, Voltron and Transformers were among my favorite […]

Who Is Cliff?

Who Is Cliff? The Voltron Facebook page recently posed the question… “I put the question to you, Vehicle Voltron fans…In your mind, ‘Who *is* Cliff?’” This is my attempt to answer that question. In Voltron: Defender of the Universe, Cliff is the Voltron Vehicle Team member who leads the Land Team and operates “Land Team […]

Photos of Custom Vehicle Team Voltron Action Figures

Here are new photos of custom-made action figures of various characters from the Vehicle Team Voltron episodes of 1980s animated television series Voltron: Defender of the Universe. The figures were made on commission by pock63, whose Facebook page can be found here: (Click each image to view it at full size.) Pilots of the Voltron […]