Physical and Virtual Reproductions/Replicas of Vintage Star Wars Palitoy Death Star Playset

Recently I discovered two new “reproductions” of the classic Star Wars Death Star playset made by Palitoy.

A Star Wars fan called “samuraiman691” (eBay seller ID: “samuraiman69”) has made and sold cool-looking physical replicas of this playset. I don’t know whether they are still available — or if they are, how much they might cost. I’ve also never purchased anything from this individual, so this isn’t an endorsement. Here is samuraiman691’s video review of one of his replica Death Stars:

samuraiman691’s Palitoy Death Star Replica

Here is a “3D walkthrough” video of a virtual replica of the playset made by Dana Warren Robinson, using 3D graphics and digital scans of the original cardboard wall panels. This video is particularly fun because it’s from the perspective of an action figure moving about the playset!

3D Walkthrough of Dana Warren Robinson’s Virtual Death Star Replica