Vehicle Team Voltron: Who Flies Which Vehicles?

Recently I purchased a 45rpm record of music from the 1980s Japanese anime television series Armored Fleet Dairugger XV — not because of the record, but because of the artwork that came with the record. Among the images is one that shows the face and name of each Dairugger pilot next to the Dairugger vehicle that he or she pilots.

Because Armored Fleet Dairugger XV was the basis for the Vehicle Team episodes of Voltron: Defender of the Universe, this image with English captions illustrates which pilot of the Voltron Vehicle Team flies which vehicle that helps to form the mighty Vehicle Team Voltron. (I did have to correct the labels on two of the vehicles. Units 9 and 10 had each other’s labels. D’oh!)

(Click the image to view it at its full size.)