Panosh Place 1986 Toy Fair Catalog – Unproduced Voltron Toys

Some time ago I purchased a copy of the Panosh Place 1986 Toy Fair catalog, which features a number of Voltron toys that, for whatever reason, were never sold. This set of images shows all Voltron-related content from the catalog.

All Catalog Images

Unproduced Toys









Robeast Rino

Robeast Medusa

Robeast Cyclops

Coffins of Deception: Robeasts Synestro, Mysterion, Pulvizor, Mutilor(?)

Castle of Doom


Two “Robeast Mutilor” Toys?

In addition to the 3-3/4″ tall Robeast Mutilor action figure that was released in 1985, one of the four named, unreleased Coffins of Deception is named Mutilor. Were there to have been two Mutilor toys? I find this unlikely. Only three Coffins of Deception are shown in the catalog — Synestro (red and black), an unidentified red and blue coffin, and an unidentified purple coffin. It is likely that Robeast Pulvizor is one of the unidentified coffins, Robeast Mysterion is the other unidentified coffin, and a new Robeast Mutilor is… a mistake.

Which Coffin of Deception Is Which?

Is the purple Coffin of Deception Robeast Pulvizor or Robeast Mysterion? Is the red and blue Coffin of Deception Robeast Mysterion or Robeast Pulvizor?

Unidentified Flying Object

What is this? It’s not identified anywhere in the catalog. It seems to be a spaceship toy that can hold an action figure. Based on its color scheme and position and orientation in the shot, it appears to be associated with the heroes and not with the villains.

New Allura Mold?

The Princess Allura figure shown in the catalog is different than the figure that was released in 1985. The entire mold differs from the released figure. Strangely the new figure’s lion key badge is on the right side of the chest, rather than the left side, as shown in the animated television series and on the lion pilot action figures that were released in 1985.