Guide to Voltron DVDs

World Events Productions (2007) Fleet of Doom (2007) Special Features Character Art Slide Show Original Series Openers Man-on-the-Street Interviews Voltron Fan Films W.E.P. Cartoon Previews AnimeWorks (2006-2009) Voltron Collection 1: Blue Lion (2006) Disc 1 Episode 1: Space Explorers Captured (Original Air Date: Sep 10, 1984) Episode 2: Escape to Another Planet (Original Air Date: […]

Voltron Yin Yang

Here’s a little something I put together. It’s the “yin yang” symbol, modified to show the ’80s-era logos of both Lion Force Voltron and Vehicle Team Voltron. The intent is to show that, while the two robots are very different, both robots that bear the name Voltron are legitimate “defenders of the universe.” I had […]