STARCRASH: A Sci-Fi Color Feast for the Eyes

I became a science-fiction fan the first time that I watched STAR WARS on RCA VideoDisc, which my family rented from Hansbarger Appliances when I was probably four or five years old. By the late 1980s, I had also absorbed then-contemporary classics such as BLACKSTAR, KNIGHT RIDER, TRANSFORMERS, MIGHTY ORBOTS, VOLTRON, THE LAST STARFIGHTER and ROBOTECH. In 1987 I […]

FLASH GORDON (Steve Holland)

I love science-fiction movies and TV. For whatever reason I tend to gravitate toward the older stuff. One such example is the 1950s FLASH GORDON television series starring Steve Holland. I wouldn’t call it a great show, but I can see how it would be entertaining for children of all ages… like me. Of all […]

Money for Moviemaking

Having recently completed my first short film, ASTRONUTS, I’m eager to start a new prodution, but first I want to purchase some new equipment… equipment that costs money. The first “round” of equipment will be audio equipment. I’d like to start with… Zoom H4n Handy Portable Digital Recorder – Approximately $300 at Azden SGM-2X Shotgun […]