Panosh Place Voltron 1985 Foldout

The boxed toys from Panosh Place’s 1985 Voltron toy line included a foldout that advertised all of the Voltron toys that kids could drool over. Here is a composite scan of the front and back of the foldout. Some toys in the foldout differ from what was released in stores. For example the Castle of […]

Guide to Voltron DVDs

World Events Productions (2007) Fleet of Doom (2007) Special Features Character Art Slide Show Original Series Openers Man-on-the-Street Interviews Voltron Fan Films W.E.P. Cartoon Previews AnimeWorks (2006-2009) Voltron Collection 1: Blue Lion (2006) Disc 1 Episode 1: Space Explorers Captured (Original Air Date: Sep 10, 1984) Episode 2: Escape to Another Planet (Original Air Date: […]