Science Fiction

Robotech SDF-1 Playset(s)

Beginning in 1985 Matchbox, a toy company most well known for its small, die-cast cars and related toys, released numerous toys based on the animated television series Robotech. Since the company had released the first Voltron toys the year before, and toy company Panosh Place released a line of Voltron action figures and related toys […]

Build Your Own Sci-Fi Playsets!

Here are some fun links to help imaginative children of all ages to build their own science-fiction playsets. Outer-Space Station (from Woman’s Day magazine, 1978) Hoth and Dagobah Playsets from The Empire Strikes Back (from Woman’s Day magazine, 1980) Build Your Own Space Station Playset! (eBook — costs $4.99)

Reproduction Cardboard Panels for Star Wars Death Star Toys

In the late 1970s, two STAR WARS action figure-oriented Death Star playsets were sold. In the United States, Kenner’s Death Star Space Station was a four-story structure that resembled, from one side, a gun tower near the famous trench from the film. At the other end was a tall cylinder that doubled as both an […]